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The Dover Demon is a strange creature that was seen in Dover, Massachusetts in 1977.


Three friends were driving down a long and winding road surrounded by woods and fields. Suddenly, they noticed a weird animal climbing over a stone wall on the left of the road. As they approached, the creature was caught in their headlights and it stopped and stared straight at them. It had glowing orange eyes that resembled glass marbles. “It looked like a baby's body with long arms and legs. It had a big head about the same size as the body, it was sort of melon shaped”, Bartlett stated. He went on to describe it as having no facial feature and a peach colored skin with a texture like sharkskin. As he raced past the creature he could see it clutching onto the rocks with its long spindly fingers.


Later that evening, a 15-year old boy was returning home when he noticed a strange figure walking towards him. The figure had an unusually large head. “I was about 15 feet away from it when I stopped and it stopped…” John said, “We just stood there, I was looking at it and I’m sure it was looking at me. I could barely see the shape of it…I said one more time, who is that?”

The boy took one more step forward and it quickly dashed into the woods. He could hear this thing making its way through the brush. Curious to discover who or what it was, John quickly followed behind it. Reaching the bottom of the embankment, he could see on the other side of a brook. He now could clearly see the outline of the creature’s body.  All these thoughts going through my mind, “John told investigators, “you know, what is this? A monkey, maybe?… As I was looking really close, there I could see the eyes… it was looking at me… I just stared at it for another few minutes…” Soon John began to feel very uncomfortable. “I got all these feelings that it was thinking to itself, or waiting to spring or whatever, you know, and so I backed up the bank kind of fast and my heart started beating really fast…  He ran to Farm St and got a ride home. That night he drew a picture of the creature he had seen. It had glowing eyes and strongly resembled the thing Bill Bartlett had seen.

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